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Stella Wearables, Inc. is an IoT startup addressing what is probably one of the most overlooked health issues in America.

Incubated at EvoNexus in San Diego, CA. 

The Team


CEO & Founder - Nicolas Gonzalez In 2015, I decided to develop a product that would notify people when they are about to be overexposed to UV rays. Why did I do this? After my mother was diagnosed with skin cancer, I started looking into this subject more in depth and found that over 90% of skin cancer cases are due to overexposure to UV rays. I also found that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States and is the easiest to prevent. I invite you to look into our company and experience this new product for yourself.




 VP of Operations - Howard Tai Recent bioengineer graduate from UCSD with a strong focus on product development and digital infrastructure. Howard brings value to the Stella team by organizing and executing key objectives efficiently. 

 Board Advisors


Clint McClellan - A wireless health executive with 15+ years of experience. He most recently co-founded the original Wireless Health group in Qualcomm, which eventually became Qualcomm Life. He also recently served as the President and Chairman of Continua Health Alliance where he led the efforts to get the Continua Standards adopted by the UN standards body, the ITU-T as the world’s only connected health standard.


Dr. Todd Hostager - After 26 years of being a Professor at the University of Wisconsin, he is now is the Director of the digital strategy curriculum at Logic PD. Dr. Todd Hostager not only has an incredible mind, he knows how to execute "ideas" in an effective and efficient manner to make those ideas a reality.



Victor Valenzuela - Victor brings great knowledge and experience to the Stella team by providing key insights on project management and product development. His expertise in electrical and mechanical engineering ensure a great standard of quality in developing IoT products, as well as creating key digital product roadmaps.