A new way to monitor health related behaviors and optimize physical and mental wellness.

  • Goodbye Sunburn, Hello Vitamin D

    Know when you should re-apply sunscreen or seek shade by simply selecting your Skin Type and Sunscreen SPF preference. 

  • Sun Exposure Balance

    Balance Natural UV / Vitamin D intake with Stella Wearables. 

  • Know when to seek shade

    If you want to Tan,
    Tan with a plan by using Stella...

  • Stella Health Philosophy

    When we live a healthy balanced lifestyle, we naturally begin to improve our personal wellness and feel better about ourselves.

Peace of mind under the sun

Balance your Natural UV / Vitamin D intake from the Sun and monitor personal health metrics wherever you are. 

Outdoor activity is key

Our biology and chemistry changes upon being in an outdoor environment ~
Track daily outdoor activity with Stella.

Mind & Body

Optimize health behaviors to improve your physical and mental health ~ 
Then check out your Personal Wellness Score with Stella.