Peace Of Mind Under The Sun

Peace Of Mind Under The Sun

Sunburns, no thank you!

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Independent Usability

Independent Usability

Go ahead, leave your phone, it's all good!

Stella Monitors

Stella Monitors

Your sun exposure, activity levels, sleeping patterns, as well as your daily vitamin D intake from the sun.

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3.5 Million People Get Skin Cancer Every Year

3.5 Million People Get Skin Cancer Every Year

Every hour someone dies from Melanoma

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By Stella Wearables

A new way to track & manage your health!

Prevention is the most pragmatic approach to tackling the majority of our current health issues. When we live healthier lifestyles, we naturally begin to feel better about ourselves, and this is the first step to bringing in over wellness to your life.
A new way to track & manage your health!

How do you know when your time in the Sun is up?

Sunburns occur when you overexpose yourself to UV rays. Over exposure to UV rays accounts for over 90% of skin cancer cases and premature aging of your skin.

How does it all work?

All a user has to do is, select their skin type (Fitzpatrick Scale), their form of protection (SPF), and then allow Stella to do the rest. Now you will know when you should seek shade and re-apply sunscreen.
How does it all work?
  • UV Exposure Monitoring

    Keep track of your daily Sun exposure. Stella will notify you before you are about to be overexposed to UV radiation; with or without the need of having your mobile device around.
  • Steps counting

    Monitor your activity levels, and know how many steps you take each day. Stella converts this data automatically to distance as well, so you can see how much distance you covered each day.
  • Calories Burned

    Track your inactive and active calories burned with Stella. Set up alerts to make sure you get moving after idling too long.
  • Track Natural Vitamin D Intake

    Getting the right amount of Vitamin D is imperative for your overall health. Benefits range from mental health all the way to your immune system.

How does Stella work?

No need to worry, Stella is easy to set up.
Select your skin type and form of protection (SPF) through our mobile application. We will offer our mobile application on both iOS & Android platforms.
Sync the profile you created on our mobile application to the wearable via low energy bluetooth, and that is it!
Stella's UV sensor technology will notify you when you are about to be overexposed to UV rays. Even if you do not have your phone around.

Not just another wearable.

Introducing Stella, a wearable tailored specifically for those who care about their skin and overall health. Stella measures your sun exposure, and will alert you before you are overexposed to UV radiation. But we don't just stop there, Stella also monitors your activity levels, sleeping patterns, calories burned, as well as your daily vitamin D intake from the sun.