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Why It's Easier To Succeed In Preventative Health When You Set Goals With Technology

Why It's Easier To Succeed In Preventative Health When You Set Goals With Technology

Setting goals and following key processes can help you achieve important tasks, and like in many things, the sooner you start the better. Health is a great area to focus on at an early stage in your life, and there are ways to simplify the process of prevention and work towards reducing the incidence of health-related complications. 

Why preventative health is important 

The cost of healthcare in the U.S. has been rising over the years. Citizens face large health care expenses, sometimes even for non-life threatening procedures. These high prices can cause financial strain if the individual is not prepared. This is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of reducing your incidence of health-related complications. 

woman stretching while sitting on the ground in the forest, before or after her runPreventative care can come in many forms, from healthy eating to regular check-ups. Although prevention does not guarantee an individual is free from life-threatening diseases, it is worth investing in this practice. Reasons you may want to invest in prevention:  


How setting goals can help your health 

Prevention requires time and attention, but there are ways to successfully integrate it into your lifestyle if you haven’t already. If you do not take any preventative actions, here is our suggestion to get started: 

  • Start by choosing what health aspect you want to focus on 
    1. For example, if you want to avoid any skin cancer-related incidences, you may want to focus on improving skin health. This would include monitoring your overexposure to the UV Rays, eating nutrient-rich foods, and more. 
  • Write down a goal related to that health aspect 
    1. Focus on one action 
    2. Make your goal clear and detailed to improve your chances of success 
    3. Track your goal over the course of 1 month or more 
    4. Increase your current goal or add another goal 

How technology makes it easy to set goals 

Tracking goals is not easy and it can be especially complicated to implement a new element into your routine if you do not plan, coordinate and put it into action. Starting off is the first step, but there are definitely ways to easily make this lifestyle change. 

woman doing a handstand on the beach with a golden retriever is in the background

Use technology to your advantage. These are helpful apps you can use based on the goal you are trying to achieve: 

  1. Stella App - Biometrics: Heart Rate, UV exposure, and activity (coming soon) 
  2. MyFitnessPal - Healthy Eating and Fitness 
  3. LifeSum - Diet goals 
  4. Couch to 5K - Running 

For more information about how technology helps benefit you and your health, keep up with our blog. For questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions contact us at info@stellawearables.com and you will get a response within approximately 24 hours.

Image credit thanks to Traineracademy.org 


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