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How technology is changing they way we treat UV radiation damage

How technology is changing they way we treat UV radiation damage

How technology is changing the way we treat UV radiation damage

Ultraviolet radiation damage from the sun and other sources like tanning beds can cause damaging effects on the skin that lead to long term health dangers. Skin cancer is a common side effect caused by damage to the skin cells DNA. Technology is taking steps towards tracking UV exposure in order to minimize those effects. These are features that can be found in UV trackers:

UV index tracking

An international standard measurement that tracks the strength of sunburn producing UV rays. This index changes based on the time and place, and can range anywhere from 0 to 11+. What is the importance of this measurement? It indicates the risk of developing a sunburn, given the factors it measures.

Depending on a person’s skin type, the UV index takes into account the wavelengths produced by UVA and UVB rays. Radiation intensity and skin sensitivity are calculated in relation to the UV wavelength to produce the UV index. Below you will find a breakdown of what the numbers in the UV index mean.

Graphic table indicating how to protect yourself depending on the UV index number

UV overexposure

What does it take to be overexposed? Being overexposed to the sun’s UV rays does not mean you will get a visible sunburn. A sunburn is a short-term effect of overexposure but damage to the skin is still a risk even without this obvious indication, especially depending on skin type. The lack of being seen, felt or having an immediate reaction makes tracking your personal exposure difficult.

A lot of factors are needed to determine the best amount of exposure. Therefore, if you are without an instrument, the best option is to take sun safety measures. A way to check when to stay away from the sun is by looking at your shadow...if it is shorter than your height, that indicates a higher UV exposure. There are more ways to stay safe in the sun, and for the best results, we recommend using these sun safe measures along with a UV tracker that indicates when you are close to being in danger of overexposure.

Personalized data

Data is important, for seeing trends, for comparing, for making decisions. We emphasize the importance of data because it helps. Health data? Well having your health data in your control can help you reach goals, track your current progress, and see your history. When used correctly this means you will be constantly improving your health. Technology is advancing more each day, allowing you to get your information in a quicker more accurate way.

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