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San Diego Beach Volleyball

San Diego Beach Volleyball

Written By: Lorenza Gil-Kabande 

If your summer in San Diego doesn’t consist of playing some good old fashioned beach volleyball with your friends, you’re missing a key component to the perfect summer. Just as San Diego has a wide variety of beaches, so does its beach volleyball courts. Personally, one of my favorite activities at the beach beside learning to surf is playing volleyball. I usually go to the beach with a couple friends and even if you can’t find a court, simply having a ball and one friend makes for a great game.


There are a couple beaches in San Diego that provide a volleyball net for their guests’ enjoyment. One of them includes Mission Beach. These nets are located at S. Mission beach and are even the go-to hosts for a club called Mission Beach Volleyball which hosts tournaments and friendly games. This beach is well known for its oceanfront amusement park and is the perfect cherry-on-top after a beach day at the volleyball court.

Another beach in San Diego that has a great volleyball court is Ocean Beach. Located north of the Ocean Beach Park, you have a great view of the surfers riding the waves while you enjoy a nice game. These courts are home to many locals who wish to enjoy a friendly game without the overcrowding of tourists. I suggest you also bring your furry friend to the beach because it is a short walk from the Dog Beach! Ride up with friends or meet new ones where there is always friendly locals who are eager to play!


Known as one of San Diego’s most famous beach for its premium hotel, Coronado beach has much more to offer than a relaxing and luxurious beach day. Coronado has volleyball courts about halfway from the hotel and the bonfire pits. Here, you can challenge your friends to a game just steps away from the beach and then head over to the Hotel Del for some fine dining. 


One of the most evident benefits of playing volleyball is that it simultaneously burns calories and tones your whole body. Harvard Medical School’s studies show that even 30 minutes of non-competitive volleyball burns up to 90 to 133 calories. Due to the exercise you get while playing, it also lowers your risk of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. In conjunction with burning calories and taking care of your body’s overall well-being, the movements made in the typical volleyball game tones your upper and lower body, arms, and shoulders. A sport as fun and competitive as volleyball not only gives you benefits you can see but also those beyond the physical ones.

If the physical benefits don't intrigue you to take up volleyball, consider the emotional ones! Since volleyball is a team effort, the best way to play is with a bigger group of people! If you’re looking for friends to play volleyball with, there is a website called Meetup where you can find people with similar interests as you to hang out with! There is even a page titled “San Diego (Mostly) Beach Volleyball” for you to indulge in some volleyball and cross it off your summer bucket list! If you’re looking for a more competitive route, VAVI is a website that sets up sports leagues in the San Diego area. Here, you can register to be a part of a league and play against other teams!

Volleyball is one of the many sports where you can play with friends and even make new ones along the way! Playing with others not only boosts your mood but it also increases your interpersonal skills. In order to score points and coordinate with your team, each member must learn to be cooperative and communicative. This constant communication and encouragement within one game increase your drive to succeed because the fate of the game boils down to each member’s skills and ability to synchronize with the team. Studies show that being with friends encourages you to avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, boosts your happiness, and your self-worth.

Whether you decide to cross off beach volleyball off your San Diego summer bucket list or to register for a team, always make sure to protect yourself from the sun. The beach is always a fun idea but being overexposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays is not. Take preventative care of your skin in order to maintain healthy looking skin and avoid early signs of aging or skin cancer. Stella Wearables advises wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and taking some breaks from the game under the shade in order to protect you and your friends from the sun’s damaging rays. Take the leap this summer and enjoy your beach day with some volleyball and new friends!


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