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Daily Stretches That Boost Your Mood

Daily Stretches That Boost Your Mood

Written By: Lorenza Gil-Kabande

If you’re like me, you take about 30 minutes to finally roll out of bed. Your mornings are slow, and this constant lack of energy leads to very unproductive mornings and sometimes bad moods. I wanted a change, and when I started getting into yoga I realized that I felt more energized- happy even! Clearly, this isn’t a coincidence- studies show that stretching in the morning can boost your energy levels! So... I came up with a short and sweet routine that I wanted to share with others who also need an extra boost in the mornings!

  1. Head/Shoulder Rolls: This exercise rids the tension in my neck and wakes up the muscles after being immobile for the duration of my sleep. If you’re feeling motivated, try to do this in conjunction with arm stretches.

  2. Yoga Squat Pose: In the mornings, I don’t tend to go all the way down as the pose suggests; simply putting your hands on your knees does the trick. This pose allows me to crack my knees, hips, and sometimes even my back! With your hands on your knees facing forward, you’ll be able to feel the stretch on your inner thighs. Pop one shoulder in and lean into it- you’ll feel a greater stretch in the opposite direction you’re facing!

  3. Standing Separate Leg Pose: Transition from the yoga squat pose into this one by standing up, facing your feet forward and touching the floor with your hands. For this pose, try to reach your hands as far down as you can in order to feel a bigger stretch! If you can’t quite touch the floor, simply feel the stretch wherever you feel comfortable. Remember, these stretches are mainly to boost your energy and get your day started!

  4. Downward Dog: This pose is definitely another one of my favorites because it not only stretches the back of my legs but it feels really good on your back! Since you’re lying down for a long time at night, this pose will definitely hit the spot! Again, if you’re feeling motivated, lift one leg at a time so you can feel a deeper stretch on the other leg.

  5. Child’s Pose: In this pose, I let my muscles relax a little bit and let them get ready for the day ahead! Stay in this position as long as you want or continue with some more stretches on your own!

  6. Plank: I only do about a minute plank after my stretches in order to tie up all my hard work and get my day started!

I’m no yogi or an expert on how to do these stretches but I do know that if you create a habit of stretching in the morning, you will more likely than not feel a sudden boost of energy and positivity. This was only a short list of my preferred stretches but there are so many more routines that you can follow or create! At the beginning of the morning (pun intended), it’s all about what makes you feel good!


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