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British Grand Prix & UV Rays

British Grand Prix & UV Rays


Written By: Lorenza Gil-Kabande


One of the highest-class and intense sports of our time is called Formula 1 Racing. With cars going at top speeds of 233 miles per hour (375 km/hr) and slick exteriors, these races are far from ordinary. One of the most anticipated races of the season is this July 8th, known as the Great Britain Grand Prix, and it is taking place at the Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone.

One of the challenges of being a fan of these races is that spectators are exposed directly to the sun. In case you plan to watch one of these races live, a great way to protect your skin from the sun while enjoying these races is by wearing sunscreen, along with using hats and sunglasses! While these precautions may prevent sunburns and early signs of skin-aging, they definitely will not prevent the rush of emotions when these cars take off!

Where do the races take place?

Australia, England, France, Germany, and Hungary are only some of the many countries that host their own Grand Prix races! This year, races have already taken place in Australia, Bahrain, China, Azerbaijan, Spain, Canada, France, and Austria. A series of these races occur during the ‘Formula One World Championship Season’.

How can a racer qualify?

In order for a racer to qualify for the final round of F1 races, they must go through three phases of racing; Practice, qualifying, and race day. In the qualifying session, the slowest racers begin to be eliminated by their race time. All of the other faster racers who qualified continue on to race day.

Here is a list of the winners of the races so far:

The French Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton

The Australian Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel

The Chinese Grand Prix: Daniel Ricciardo

The Australian Grand Prix: Max Verstappen

The Canadian Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel

The Monaco Grand Prix: Daniel Ricciardo

The Bahrain Grand Prix: Sebastian Vettel

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton

The Spanish Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton

I definitely suggest tuning into these high-profile races for their high-caliber cars, diversity of locations and drivers, and the chance to see your favorite car brands compete. The full schedule along with what to expect from the 2018 season is out now!



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